May 29, 2024
Watch Richard Hammond Crash Another Car In New Grand Tour Trailer

The Grand Tour released an extended clip from the upcoming Eurocrash special that showed Richard Hammond crashing once again. He was racing a Soviet-era open-wheel race car when a part fell off, which led to the engine blowing up. Other than a hurt leg, he was fine. The episode premieres June 16.

Hammond has a successful start by immediately getting ahead of some cars ahead of him. We see him quite the battle with a bright blue car. 

Then things go wrong. After looking closely at the video, it appears that a bolt and washer fall off from the front of the engine. However, Hammond doesn’t notice. Then, oil starts spraying behind him. This makes the track very slippery, causing many of the cars behind Hammond to spin.

The engine goes up in a puff of smoke, presumably from oil starvation. Hammond spins, and then the scene cuts to Jeremy Clarkson and James May hearing about the crash. Maybe in the final version, we actually get to see the impact to get a better idea of what goes wrong.

Then, the jokes start. May outfits his Crosely as an ambulance with an emergency light and stretcher. He drives off to rescue Hammond, but the old car keeps stalling.

It looks like some cinematic magic might be happening. For example, the oil slick is no longer on the track. Also, it’s hard to imagine the crew waiting so long to take care of Hammond if he says his leg hurts after a car crash.

Eurocrash has Clarkson, Hammond, and May driving across former Soviet countries in Central Europe in some very weird cars. Clarkson has a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde. Hammond is behind the wheel of a Chevrolet SSR, and May picks a Crosely convertible.

Those vehicles aren’t the only weird machines in the special. An earlier trailer shows May driving a Praga Bohema supercar. Clarkson barely fits in a Skoda 1100 OHC sports car. The Klein Vision AirCar that combines an aircraft and an automobile also takes flight.

The stunts in the special include driving their cars through an off-road course while horseback-mounted archers shoot arrows at them. The guys also steal a wax statue of 1992 Formula One driver’s champion Nigel Mansel. 

Hammond has experienced quite a few crashes, some of which have been potentially deadly. He suffered a broken leg and brain injury in his Vampire jet dragster wreck. Another incident resulted in a Rimac Concept One bursting into flames and completely burning up.

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