July 15, 2024
MG Unveils Futuristic Electric Hypercar EXE181 at 2024 Auto China Show

The upcoming 2024 Auto China show promises an array of attention-grabbing concepts, and MG is set to steal the spotlight with its latest creation, the EXE181 electric hypercar. Sporting a sleek, single-seat monocoque design, this EV sits remarkably close to the ground, reminiscent of the eye-catching Vision Gran Turismo concepts.

Boasting a teardrop shape that contributes to an impressive drag coefficient of only 0.181, the EXE181 outperforms vehicles like the Volkswagen XL1. However, some predecessors set even higher standards. For instance, the 2022 Mercedes Vision EQXX boasted a Cd of just 0.18, while the 2000 General Motors Precept achieved a drag coefficient of 0.16. Notably, the 1954 Fiat Turbina remains legendary with its remarkably low Cd of 0.14.

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The new MG EXE181 pays homage to its namesake concept from 1959, which boasted an even lower Cd of 0.12. Owned by China’s SAIC Motor, the “British” brand claims that the EXE181 isn’t just one of the most aerodynamic vehicles out there but also one of the fastest, accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in just 1.9 seconds.

Comparatively, the Lucid Air Sapphire achieved this feat in 1.77 seconds, while the Rimac Nevera did it in 1.74 seconds. Elon Musk’s promise that the new Roadster can do it in under a second is met with skepticism.

While MG hasn’t disclosed the EXE181’s top speed, it does mention that the vehicle “defies the land speed record.” The original concept from the late 1950s managed to reach 254.91 mph with American racing driver Phill Hill behind the wheel.

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The EXE181’s interior features a center-mounted seat and racing harness, reminiscent of the single-seat Lamborghini Egoista, adding to its futuristic appeal. Equipped with a large screen suggesting four electric motors, MG remains tight-lipped about other technical specifications, but it’s safe to assume all-wheel drive and a power output exceeding 1,000 horsepower.

While the chances of a production version are slim, the EXE181 serves as a spectacular one-off creation to grab headlines, a feat it has undoubtedly achieved.

MG EXE181 concept

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