June 16, 2024
Tesla’s Streamlined Model 3 Performance: Key Details Revealed

Last September, Tesla unveiled the streamlined Model 3, notably missing the anticipated Performance variant. However, this variant seems to be imminent, as primary details have surfaced within the source code of Tesla’s UK configurator. InsideEVs discovered these details, and we can confirm their presence.

The streamlined Model 3 Performance will feature “all-new, high-performance drive units” that together deliver over 500 horsepower. While the exact output from the dual motors isn’t specified, Tesla asserts it will be “the most powerful Model 3 ever.” For reference, the previous model was rated at 505 hp.

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Tesla has also refined the chassis and suspension for “intuitive, razor-sharp response to driver inputs.” Additionally, pedal sensitivity and heat management have been improved for consistent performance regardless of speed. The new Model 3 Performance will come with lightweight, staggered wheels equipped with unspecified tires designed to enhance traction out of corners.

Cosmetically, the source code mentions “redesigned front and rear fascias, rear diffuser, and carbon fiber spoiler.” The interior will see an “all-new seat design with enhanced side and bumper bolsters” and ventilation. To distinguish it from lower Model 3 variants, the Performance model will feature “lightweight carbon fiber décor and a refined weave pattern.”

Although we couldn’t scrape images from the website, the placeholder for the 0 to 60 mph time suggests impressive acceleration. The previous Model 3 Performance achieved this in 3.1 seconds. While the range isn’t listed, the outgoing model was rated by the EPA at 315 miles.

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Weight details aren’t mentioned, but a previous leak indicated it would remain at 4,089 pounds. It’s also believed that the battery capacity will stay at 82.0-kilowatt hours, though this isn’t confirmed yet.

Regarding the name, it seems the Performance designation will be retained, contrary to rumors of a rebranding to Model 3 Ludicrous.

As Tesla updates its regional websites to include the new Model 3 Performance, an official reveal is expected in the coming days or weeks.

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