July 15, 2024
Tanak’s Remarkable Drive Boosts M-Sport in WRC Estonia, Despite Penalty

Ott Tanak’s exceptional performance in the WRC Estonia has been the talk of the rally world. Dominating the times and claiming six out of eight stages so far, Tanak showcased his driving prowess with the Ford Puma. Despite a five-minute penalty for an engine change, the Estonian ace climbed from 48th to 11th place, just shy of the points-paying positions. M-Sport Team Principal Richard Millener hailed Tanak’s extraordinary drive, praising his determination and the team’s high car performance. While bittersweet, the display has inspired confidence in the team’s ability to contend for further victories this season.

Tanak’s recent performance in WRC Estonia has been nothing short of remarkable. The Estonian driver dominated the stages, winning five out of seven on Friday alone. Despite facing challenging circumstances, including an engine change penalty, Tanak managed to climb from 48th to 11th place overall. If not for the penalty, he could have been leading the rally. His determination and impressive stage wins were praised by M-Sport Team Principal Richard Millener.

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Richard Millener had nothing but praise for Ott Tanak’s driving prowess. He acknowledged that Tanak was pushing the limits and not feeling entirely comfortable behind the wheel of the Ford Puma. Nevertheless, the Estonian’s aggressive yet controlled driving resulted in one of his best performances for M-Sport. Millener expressed satisfaction with the car’s performance and the team’s efforts to improve Tanak’s comfort. Despite the penalty’s setback, the team remains determined to stay competitive and win more rallies this season.

Ott Tanak admitted that the first loop on Friday morning was a bit too aggressive, but he found his pace as the day progressed. He acknowledged that this season has been challenging, especially when compared to the upgrades introduced by rivals Toyota and Hyundai. While his win in Sweden was significant, the team has faced struggles throughout the season. Despite this, Tanak remains optimistic about the team’s performance and believes they are holding their own considering the lack of significant upgrades on their side.

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Tanak’s impressive drive in WRC Estonia has injected new hope into M-Sport. While the championship may be a challenging endeavor, the team remains committed to staying competitive and securing more wins. With a few events left in the season, they aim to showcase their capabilities and continue striving for victory. Although the penalty has been a setback, Tanak and the team remain undeterred, eager to prove their mettle and make their mark on the remainder of the season.

Featured Image Credit: M-Sport

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