July 13, 2024
Fast X Teaser Photo Promises “End Of The Road” Coming In May 2023

Okay Fast and Furious fans, are you ready for one more ride with this team – sorry, family – of renegade street racing superheroes? They’ve faced drug cartels, terrorists, special forces teams, evil special forces teams, and a spoiled kid driving a Honda S2000. They’ve jumped cars across skyscrapers, out of airplanes, stopped an airplane, and even flown a Pontiac Fiero to space. What could possibly come next?

The complete answer to that question comes in May, when the tenth film in the Fast franchise reaches theaters. For now, we know it simply as Fast X, and thanks to a teaser photo recently shared online, we know the first trailer for the film is just 10 days away. Circle February 10 on your calendar, because it marks the beginning of the end of the road that begins … wait, where were we?

Actually, we do know a little bit about this movie. We know that Brie Larson and Jason Momoa have joined the cast, playing the roles of Tess (Larson) and Dante (Momoa). Whether they are good guys or bad guys is unclear at this point, but we know the previous lead baddie Cipher (played by Charlize Theron) will return.

Rumors have also suggested Gal Gadot will return to the franchise as Gisele, but those are unconfirmed and she’d not currently listed with the cast on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Gisele was presumably killed at the end of Fast 6, though technically she disappeared into the darkness without being seen again. Considering Sung Kang’s character Han was brought back after getting blown up in Tokyo Drift, bringing back Gisele should be a cakewalk. And yes, Sung Kang is listed as part of the Fast X cast.


We also know the movie has endured some controversy during its production. Veteran franchise director Justin Lin stepped down from that role last April, allegedly due to creative differences with Vin Diesel. Lin is credited as a writer and stayed on as a producer, leaving director duties to Louis Leterrier.

The Fast and Furious franchise is expected to wrap up after the 11th film. Judging by the wording in this teaser, it seems the finale will take place over the course of two movies. We will get a taste of that on February 10 when the first video trailer is released.

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