July 15, 2024
Australian Police Destroys Car That Did Burnouts For Gender Reveal

Whether you like it or not, trends are part of our lives as part of our right to express ourselves. These trends give us an idea of what works for many people in terms of fashion, music, buying patterns, and even how to reveal the gender of your upcoming offspring to your family and friends.

But as with any activity, that right to express stops whenever we step on other people’s rights. In this case in Australia, it’s a question of legality and safety.

A car used in doing burnouts for a “gender reveal” party has been recently destroyed by the Queensland Police. In September, a Holder Commodore was filmed while doing burnouts, producing a thick blue smoke signifying that a baby boy is on the way.


The driver of the car was nabbed by the police for a “life-endangering offense” with his car. Apart from the car being destroyed, the driver was also sentenced to prison and was disqualified from getting behind the wheel for four years.

“The burnout was so significant that you couldn’t see the road in any direction for about 100 meters,” Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus said in a statement.

“If you tear up the road, we’ll tear up your car – it’s that simple,” said Mark Ryan, Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services.

The activity was used to send a strong message to “hoons” in the Land Down Under. The car was used by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) for their road crash rescue training. It was destroyed on the steps of Queensland’s Parliament House, simulating a process that needs to be done to free up passengers trapped inside a car.

“Firefighters attend thousands of road crash incidents each year, with many of those requiring the use of specialist cutting equipment to free people,” said QFES Commissioner Greg Leach said.

“While firefighters expand their knowledge with every incident they attend, our crews would much rather practice their skills on a vehicle in a simulated and controlled scenario than on the road in real life.”

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