July 13, 2024
Audi to rebadge lineup to reflect EV-combustion split

Currently Audi’s alphanumeric model names do not make a distinction between powertrains. The lineup starts with the small A1, and goes up to the A8 flagship sedan, Q8 crossover and R8 sports car. 

German rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz have their own naming conventions for EVs, with Mercedes adding “EQ” to its letter series, while BMW adds an “i” to its number series.

Mercedes plans to drop the EQ designation, starting as early as 2024, according to German news reports.

Audi has already started to rename some models. The E-tron, which was updated at the start of this year, is now called the Q8 E-tron. The brand’s next full-electric model will be the midsize Q6 E-tron crossover. Duesmann did not say if the E-tron GT would be renamed. 

According to the newspaper report, the A4 and A6 combustion models will be renamed A5 and A7, respectively.

The current A5 and A7 will not have direct successors as internal combustion models, thus eliminating any confusion with the new A4 and A6 names.

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