July 13, 2024
Watch Richard Hammond Roast Influencers’ Cars From His Favorite Pub

The Bridge Hotel in Buttermere is a quaint inn in England’s Lake district. Perched roughly halfway between Manchester, England, and Glasglow, Scotland, it’s an idyllic location. The hotel itself is cozy, offering warm hospitality. That is until Richard Hammond shows up and starts roasting influencers’ cars. 

Starting with Sydney Sweeney’s vintage 1969 Ford Bronco, Hammond acknowledges that she picked the right car and that it’s tastefully done but questions if she really did all of the work. He also thinks she should have painted it baby blue as initially planned. Color aside, he’s impressed with not only the Bronco selection but also the restoration’s quality. 

Next, we have It’s Joel’s Jaguar S-Type. A 1999 model painted a hideous beige that Hammond says looks like “one of those god-awful sofas you see advertised in America.” He’s genuinely dismayed that Joel is proud of the car, which doesn’t even have “the good V8.” Even so, he invites Joel to meet up with him at a future Jaguar event. 

Moving on, we have a classic Mini. There’s nothing controversial about the Mini, which is painted a classic red with a white top. The Mini’s owner, however, is a bit controversial because it’s Hammond’s long-time cohost, Jeremy Clarkson. Hammond can’t fault the vehicle itself but wonders what “eight and a half feet of Northern lad, who learned to drive in the 1800s” is doing with such a small car. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the modest Mini, we go to the Bugatti Chiron of Steve Hamilton. Wrapped in pink and chrome, Hammond is incredulous that anyone would spend the money to buy a Bugatti and then wrap it. He suggests Hamilton save his money next time and buy a t-shirt announcing he’s stupid. 

The final car is the Drift HQ green C4 Corvette owned by Adam LZ. Hammond appreciates the selection of a C4 Corvette as a cool, retro car, as long as it’s in any other color without the body kit. As the “Resident American” on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, Hammond has a well-documented appreciation of American V8s and admonishes Adam LZ for ruining an original, bone stock, low mileage 80s Corvette.    

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