July 13, 2024
Singer Factory Tour Shows Where Some Of The Best Porsches Are Built

For the uninitiated, Singer is just a tuning company focused on modifying vintage Porsches. But if you’ve ever seen a Singer in the metal, you probably know the attention to detail is pure perfection. And in order to achieve this unbeatable quality, the company operates a factory that doesn’t look like a tuning shop at all – it is more like an actual production facility and there’s a new video from TopGear showing us what’s going on behind the doors.

Rob Dickinson started Singer some 12 years ago when he presented a tuned Porsche 964 to the world. Ever since then, demand has been rapidly growing to the point where the company decided to stop taking new orders for its Classic model. Or, to put it simply, if you somehow manage to put an order today, it won’t be completed until the end of 2027. 

In the world of mass-produced mainstream vehicles, a four-year waiting list is unacceptable. But everyone who wants a classic sports car that has been thoroughly restored, modified to feature modern technologies, and hand assembled to the industry’s highest quality standards will probably have to be patient and wait. The good news, however, is that Singer now builds its cars in a new and larger facility in Torrance, California. 

This is the place where the firm now holds all its operations under one roof – from the spare and new parts inventory to the paint shop, to the general assembly, and finishing touches. Singer’s CEO Mazen Fawaz claims that as long as a car hasn’t been involved in a heavy accident, the company can handle everything else and turn it into a million-dollar gem. Seeing how meticulously arranged and operated this new facility is, we have zero doubts this statement is indeed true.

What’s in Singer’s future? As mentioned, the Classic model is now out of order because the company wants to preserve its value in the future. Instead, you can buy the Turbo model but bear in mind there are around 200 people on the waiting list already.

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