July 13, 2024
New Fast X Trailer Focuses On Dom, Letty, And Black Dodge Chargers

The Fast and Furious trailer train is in high gear ahead of the movie’s imminent premiere later this month. The latest Fast X preview is a bit different than others, however. Instead of focusing on the fast family in general, special attention is given to the star couple through most of the films.

Of course, we’re talking about Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz, played by Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez. The trailer opens with Letty sleeping while a brooding Dom watches over her. Then comes the voiceover from Dom talking about open roads, clarity of mind, his heart belonging to Letty from day one, and yes, living life a quarter-mile at a time. Things have changed, however, because now they have a son. Well, Dom has a son from that time when Letty was dead and his heart belonged to Elena (played by Elsa Pataky), who is also now dead. But Letty came back, so perhaps Elena can too. That would be awkward.

Don’t worry, Fast fans. With gigantic rolling metal balls that crush everything, tiny magnetic bombs that explode everything, and enough Dodge Chargers to fill a dealership lot, the new film appears every bit as dramatic as previous installments. It’s star-studded as well, with Jason Momoa joining the cast as Dante, the angry son of the drug kingpin Dom and family killed way back in the fifth film. Bree Larson also steps in playing Tess, a member of the secret government organization who apparently is on the good side, while other members of this organization aren’t so nice. It’s … complicated.

But you aren’t interested in that. You’re interested in cars drag racing, cars jumping between buildings, swinging on vines, and flying into space. Thus far we haven’t seen anything that suggests Dodge Chargers entering orbit, but we do see one driven backward out of a flying cargo plane that falls neatly onto a couple of baddies in SUVs.

On a slightly more serious note, this trailer is full of flashbacks to earlier films, and we’ve seen this in other Fast X trailers as well. With just one more film to go before the franchise officially ends, it sure seems like the studio is ready to tug on some nostalgic heartstrings before calling it a wrap. Whether that includes a return of Brian O’Conner’s character (played by the late Paul Walker) remains to be seen.

Look for Fast X to reach theaters on May 19.

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