July 15, 2024
Motor1.com 2023 Social Car Of The Year: Category Winners Are In

The final category challenge of our five-week #Motor1socialcar23 contest is over. What started as a contest with 40 competitors has led to five category winners.

And now, the social fans have spoken for the fifth time. The winner of the EV category is the BMW i4 M50. But the action isn’t over just yet! More on that in a moment.

Motor1 Social Car 2023 EV Winner

Category Winners

Starting back in January, we announced five automotive categories with eight competitors in each. Daily challenges on our Facebook and Instagram pages started with quarter-finals, then semi-finals, and final rounds taking place over the weekend. The 40 competitors were chosen by the Motor1.com staff based on the popularity of vehicle posts on social media over the last several months. However, YOU chose all the winners in this contest with your votes!

In case you missed the action, here are all five category winners for the #Motor1socialcar23 contest

Regional And Global Winners

You’re reading this on the Motor1.com US website, but our M1 family is global. Multiple editions participated in this year’s Social Car of the Year challenge, featuring region-specific vehicles in the same 40-car format.

Here’s where the action continues. While each region has five category winners, we are in the process of counting all the votes for all Motor1 editions to determine one global champion. The process is simple – the vehicle that received the most social media votes from the last five weeks will be crowned the #Motor1socialcar23 winner. That includes all vehicles from all categories from all Motor1 editions, so as you might image, this takes some time.

Motor1 Social Car Of The Year Lead

Overall #Motor1socialcar23 Winner

Stay tuned for our special announcement coming the week of March 5. And thank you all for participating in this year’s ambitious five-week challenge!

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