July 13, 2024
Justin Bieber Adds An Unusual Porsche Into His Car Collection

Justin Bieber isn’t new to being associated with peculiar-looking cars. Remember the Rolls-Royce Wraith built by West Coast Customs? However, it appears that the Grammy-award-winning singer isn’t just done yet and added another oddity to his car collection – though this one is more acceptable than the botched RR.

We’re talking about the Porsche 968 L’Art and yes, by name alone you should discern that it’s a one-of-one model that took great artistic inspiration. But wait until you see the car itself, which, at the very least, isn’t the usual build of the front-engine, topless Porsche coupe.


Bieber revealed the car by inserting the photo of the Porsche 968 L’Art at the very end of what looked like a Moncler London Fashion Week photo dump on his Instagram (embedded above). The social media post didn’t come with a caption apart from an emoji. Several reports have pointed out that the Porsche was indeed added to the celebrity’s car collection.

The Porsche 968 L’art is a collaboration between the automaker and the French fashion label L’Art de L’Automobile. The one-off can easily be identified by its green paint job with matching wheel covers, though the color appears to have been updated to teal in Bieber’s case. Inside, the coupe comes with Recaro seats and notably a Tag Heuer stopwatch on the dashboard.

When it comes to pricing, the 968 L’Art didn’t come with a price tag when it was revealed in 2021. Then again, as a one-off, we won’t be surprised if Bieber got it for a hefty sum.

As mentioned, Bieber getting a weird vehicle isn’t surprising. Not so long ago, Bieber had a Rolls-Royce Wraith customized by West Coast Customs to look like the automaker’s 103EX concept. The result was a weird-looking RR that’s up for the beholder’s taste, though we can’t deny that it was an extremely head-turning vehicle even at a single glance – just like his latest Porsche acquisition.

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