July 13, 2024
Nissan Teases Skyline GT-R R32 EV Conversion Project

While we’re patiently waiting for the R36, Nissan is revisiting an old-timer by working on a Skyline GT-R R32. An engineer who joined the company out of admiration for the mighty supercar nicknamed “Godzilla” came up with the idea of an electric conversion. It didn’t take too long until his pet project received the automaker’s support and an official name – the “R32 EV.”

The teaser clip suggests the EV transformation is still in its infancy since we can hear the combustion engine and see the large exhaust tip. If Nissan wants to stay true to the all-wheel-drive nature of the R32, it will have to install one electric motor at the front and another one at the rear to achieve AWD. Provided the intention is to keep the classic design untouched, the engineers will have to cram the batteries under the hood, trunk, and/or instead of the rear seats.

Nissan remains tight-lipped about the project, but the mastermind behind the R32 EV declared: “By combining the car that I love the most with the technology that I think is the best, we can create a car that people around the world will be more excited about.” To build up hype around the project, the company has set up a dedicated page on its website in Japan, hinting at more teasers to be published in the near future.

Nearly a year ago, Nissan Chief Operating Officer Ashwani Gupta told Top Gear magazine that an electric GT-R “will definitely come one day.” He was likely not referring to what we presume will be a one-of-a-kind restomod, but an actual production model people will be able to purchase. Whether it’ll be the long-awaited R36 remains to be seen as the high-performance machine might keep the combustion engine for a final generation, possibly with hybrid assistance.

The announcement of a zero-emission Skyline follows a similar decision taken by Toyota with its hydrogen and battery-powered AE86 electric restomods.

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