July 13, 2024
Bugatti Teases Bolide Production Version With Images Of Lights And Vents

There are many versions of the Bugatti Chiron, but none are quite as extreme as the Bolide. To refresh your memory, this is a track-only monster hypercar with more horsepower, less weight, and a supreme desire to go fast. And after a long wait, Bugatti is getting closer to production.

At least, that’s the takeaway from a recent social media post from the French brand. We aren’t given specific details on production, but we are told “intense development has been taking place” since the concept was revealed way back in 2020. We’re also shown close-up photos of the X-marks-the-spot headlights and fender vents over the front wheels, carbon-fiber in full view.


This is interesting, because we’ve already seen plenty of photos showing the Bolide from all angles. Following the concept’s debut at Pebble Beach, Bugatti announced plans for a production run of 40 models, all decidedly not street legal but also not identical to the concept. A full portfolio of images came with that announcement, but the wording of Bugatti’s social post combined with cropped images has us wondering if there are some minor updates to the extreme machine yet to be revealed.

Bugatti already dialed horsepower back to only 1,577 from 1,825 in the concept. This was done to keep the quad-turbocharged W16 engine happy with standard pump gasoline instead of 110-octane racing fuel. A weight reduction sends the Bolide out the door carrying just 3,200 pounds of mass, so its power-to-weight ratio is something to behold. There aren’t any official numbers regarding speed or acceleration just yet, but Bugatti bragged about the Bolide concept going from a stop to 311 mph (yes, 311) in just over 20 seconds. That was just a theoretical estimate, however.

When the production Bolide was announced in 2021, Bugatti said just 40 would be built at a price of €4 million each, which currently equals $4.3 million in US currency. The company also said it would need three years for development, with customer deliveries beginning in 2024. If this teaser is any indication, Bugatti seems well on its way to meeting that deadline.

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