July 13, 2024
2025 Volkswagen ID.7 Electric Wagon Spied For The First Time

Much like the Volkswagen ID. Vizzion concept from 2018 morphed into the ID.7 electric sedan, we are happy to report the same will happen with the 2019 ID. Space Vizzion. Spies stumbled upon a prototype of the electric wagon near Kiel in Germany where the VW Group was testing a bunch of models belonging to several of its many brands. It already has the full production body, which leads us to believe the world premiere could take place in 2024.

As was the case with the ID.7 sedan prototypes, its long-roof sibling is wearing sneaky camouflage trying to mimic a combustion-engined car. The confusing disguise wants us to believe we’re dealing with a Passat Variant but we know better. The front grille, lower air intake, and exhaust tips are obviously fake, and there’s some clever body-colored camo. In addition, the headlights and taillights remain hidden under stickers in an attempt to throw us off.

Mechanically, it should be a spitting image of the sedan, so expect the initial model to have a rear-wheel-drive setup with a single motor making 282 horsepower (210 kilowatts). Both body styles are expected to spawn a more potent dual-motor version with all-wheel drive and nearly 400 horsepower. As for the battery, you can get the ID.7 with 77- and 86-kWh packages and charge them at up to 200 kW.

The wagon could be a smidge longer than the sedan, which stretches at a generous 195.3 inches (4961 millimeters). Logic tells us the wheelbase will be carried over, at 116.8 in (2966 mm) while the drag coefficient might increase compared to the saloon’s 0.23. While the ID.7 on sale today promises as much as 435 miles (700 kilometers) of range, the estate might not be able to match that due to its slightly higher curb weight and worse Cd.

Since we’re dealing with a wagon, the cargo capacity should easily trump the sedan’s 532 liters (nearly 19 cubic feet) courtesy of the elongated and reshaped rear. Speaking of the interior, you can already see the massive 15-inch touchscreen in one of the adjacent spy shots. Being built on a dedicated EV platform, the ID.7 wagon should arrive ample legroom, helped by that massive wheelbase.

It’s not the only EV of this kind in the works as BMW has confirmed it’ll launch an i5 Touring in 2024. These two will indirectly compete in a rarified segment aince s we can count all electric wagons on the fingers of one hand.

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